Junior Golf

PGA Family Course

The Family Course is a PGA

“Woodfield encourages our families to
foster their passion for golf
by playing together.”

sanctioned course designed to encourage young players to participate and have more fun playing the game of golf. The Family Course adds two additional tees to our 18-hole course whose distances are suited to young players’ ability levels. It also helps juniors enjoy a similar golf experience to those playing from regular tees.

For each 9 holes of play, our Level 1 markers add up to approximately 1,100 yards. Our Level 2 markers add up to approximately 1,900 yards. PGA family plates have been placed on each hole at the recommended yardages for each level. A small metal tee locator is attached to the cart path to indicate where to find the family markers for each hole. A separate scorecard for these tees has also been added to give our junior golfers the complete golfing experience.

Every month, join us for Family Golf Day on Sunday afternoon. Our golf professionals organize and supervise this popular event for parents and their younger juniors to experience the PGA Family Course together.

Clinics & Lessons

Woodfield offers a variety of junior golf programs sure to please children of all ages and skill levels. Get in some after school practice at the Junior Clinics, spend quality time together at the Parent-Child Clinics or perfect your game during our Junior Camps.